Tesla’s Cybertruck Headed to Canada: “Routine Paperwork” Expected Soon

Driving The Tesla Cyber Truck
Driving The Tesla Cyber Truck

Tesla’s Cybertruck is reportedly set to make its way to Canada soon, according to Rohan Patel, the head of government affairs and business development at Tesla. Patel mentioned that the expansion requires some standard paperwork and is expected to happen quickly.

This could potentially be one of the fastest expansions of a new vehicle for Tesla, as the Cybertruck production ramp seems to be progressing rapidly.

Meanwhile, electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian is also making moves in the Canadian market. The company recently announced that it has started delivering its vehicles to customers in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, in addition to the continental United States.

Rivian currently has three service centers in Canada, located in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, and plans to expand its delivery network to cover more regions.

The company has informed its Canadian reservation holders that they may be able to receive deliveries within a 1-4 month window, although Rivian later clarified that this was a mistake in a follow-up email.