Tesla’s Berlin Factory Reopens After Arson Attack


Tesla has rebooted production at Gigafactory Berlin following an arson attack earlier this month that resulted in a high-voltage pylon fire, which cut power to the factory. The recent development was announced by Tesla, signaling a return to normal operations at the facility.

The blaze that engulfed the pylon was initially suspected to have been orchestrated by a group of environmental activists who have been protesting Tesla’s expansion at the Berlin factory. The suspicions were later confirmed, and the incident was widely reported as an act of sabotage.

The shutdown left Tesla’s Model Y production at a standstill for an extended period, leaving questions about the duration of the disruption. Tesla swiftly addressed the issue, and workers collaborated to expedite the restoration of the facility’s power supply.

During a visit to the plant, Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed gratitude to the workforce for their efforts in rapidly resuming production in the aftermath of the attack. The incident marked yet another instance of Tesla’s struggle with environmental activists, who have voiced concerns regarding the automaker’s deforestation efforts and water consumption at the Berlin factory.

Despite Tesla’s assertions that these concerns have been adequately addressed, the opposition has persisted. The arson attack’s impact on Tesla’s production is not yet fully quantifiable, but the company manufactures over 5,000 cars per week at the Berlin factory, and the facility was idle for just over a week.

However, ramping up production levels to pre-attack capacity is expected to require time, and the true financial consequences of the disruption remain uncertain. Analysts have estimated the potential economic impact from the incident to surpass $1 billion, reflecting the significant setback faced by Tesla.

Tesla has continued to maintain its commitment to the German market, with Gigafactory Berlin serving as a strategic hub for the company’s European growth plans. The factory’s resilience in the face of adversity underscores Tesla’s dedication to overcoming challenges and fulfilling its mission to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy.