Tesla Speeds Up New Product Rollouts

Tesla Speeds Up New Product Rollouts

Tesla’s plans to unveil a robotaxi, accelerate new model launches, explore licensing self-driving tech, develop a cloud computing service, advance the Optimus humanoid robot, and seek funding for its Semi truck charging network.

Tesla Unveils Robotaxi and Accelerates New Product Launches

Tesla has announced that it will reveal its long-promised robotaxi vehicle on August 8th, as part of its push into autonomous driving and ride-hailing services. The company also stated that it will accelerate the launch of new models ahead of its previously communicated timeline, aiming to introduce more affordable electric vehicles as early as 2025.

Tesla Explores Licensing Self-Driving Technology and Cloud Computing

In addition to the robotaxi, Tesla is exploring licensing its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology to other automakers, which could take around 3 years to materialize.

The company is also considering using the idle computing power in its vehicles to build a cloud computing service, similar to Amazon Web Services.

Tesla Optimus Humanoid Robot to Perform Factory Tasks Within a Year

Tesla plans to have its Optimus humanoid robot performing real tasks in its factories within a year, and potentially selling it to customers by the end of 2025. 

Tesla Seeks Funding for Semi Truck Charging Infrastructure

Tesla has applied for $100 million in government grants to build a network of Semi truck charging stations between California and Texas, but the initial application was denied. The company is exploring other funding options to expand the charging infrastructure needed for its electric Semi trucks.