Rivian and JBPCO’s Electrifying Partnership: C250e for Canada Post


Up-and-coming electric vehicle brand Rivian is expanding its market presence in the commercial vehicle sector with a new collaboration with JBPCO.

Rivian is set to supply a customized version of its Commercial Van chassis, equipped with a 100 kWh LFP battery, Rivian software suite, and the brand’s signature “dashboard.” Additionally, safety features such as automatic emergency braking and a 360-degree camera system will be integrated into the chassis.

The revamped Rivian chassis will be the basis for an all-electric version of the Morgan C250 step-van, unveiled in March 2023 (the C250e), designed specifically for Canada Post. The vehicle features a Morgan Olson-bodied right-hand-drive configuration tailored for the Canadian market.

The partnership with JBPCO began after John Poindexter and other JBPCO executives visited Rivian’s manufacturing plant in Normal, Illinois. Impressed by the facilities, the collaboration was initiated with a goal to develop a long-term relationship.

The Canada Post deal is Rivian’s first significant supply agreement since the company concluded its exclusive supplier agreement with Amazon in late 2022. Amazon previously had exclusive access to Rivian Commercial Vans for four years, aiming to put 100,000 electric work vans on the road.

Morgan Olson’s COO, Joe Thompson, suggests that the Rivian platform has the potential to be adapted with other bodies in the future. Applications that could benefit from an electric Morgan Olson body include grocery delivery services, contractor vans, and other Class 2B vehicles with a GVWR between 8,510 and 10,000 lbs.

Canada Post has announced plans to electrify its entire fleet by 2040, with the new Rivian-powered C250e representing an important step towards this goal.