Huawei Claims Its Self-Driving System Outperforms Tesla in US Tests


Huawei CEO’s Bold Claims

According to Huawei CEO Richard Yu, the company’s engineers recently traveled to the United States to test Huawei’s full self-driving (FSD) system and concluded that it is the best in the world. However, Yu did not mention any comparisons to Waymo’s self-driving technology, which is considered one of the most advanced in the industry.

Skepticism and Credibility Concerns

Yu’s comments have drawn some skepticism, with one commenter stating that such “big mouth” claims make Huawei “lack credibility”. Huawei has faced challenges in recent years due to US sanctions, which have crippled its once-lucrative smartphone business. The company has been exploring new revenue streams, including its smart car partnership with Seres Group.

Huawei’s Smart Car Ambitions

Under Huawei’s “Smart Selection” model, the company provides sales channels and has a bigger voice in car development and marketing, though it has faced some internal challenges with its partners. The success of the Aito M7 SUV, which has received over 60,000 orders, has been viewed as a potential turnaround for Huawei’s consumer business.

Scrutiny and Competitive Landscape

As Huawei continues to diversify its operations, the company’s claims about its self-driving technology will likely face increased scrutiny from both the public and industry experts. Whether Huawei’s system truly outperforms competitors remains to be seen, but the company’s bold statements may raise eyebrows among those familiar with the highly competitive autonomous driving landscape.

Huawei ceo Richard Yu said recently Huawei engineers were sent to test FSD in America and they conclude Huawei’s system is still the best in the world. Interestingly they didn’t bother to compare its system with Waymo. Someone says in the comment “this big mouth makes Huawei…

— Ray (@ray4tesla) April 26, 2024