Rivian’s Upcoming R2 Model to Feature Heat Pump-Based Climate Control System


Rivian’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, announced that the upcoming R2 model will have a heat pump for climate control. This confirmation was made in a reply to a user on a popular social media platform. Furthermore, Rivian also confirmed that both the R2 and R3 models will have an optional tow hitch available, separate from the built-in Rear Accessory Ports, which can be used to fit things like a bike mount or a cargo box without using any tools.

Heat pumps are considered more efficient than PTC resistive heaters, which should improve energy efficiency and range, particularly in cold weather. This addition is excellent news for people residing in colder climates, where it can enhance the energy efficiency of an EV compared to traditional resistive heaters. Unlike the R1S and R1T, neither of which has a heat pump, the R2’s inclusion of a heat pump should positively impact its efficiency and driving range due to its smaller and lighter build.

Compared to the Tesla Model Y, which will likely be R2’s main competitor, the R2’s heat pump should provide better energy efficiency in colder climates. The Tesla Model Y, like all new Tesla models, comes with a heat pump from the factory. Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Reviews discovered that Tesla’s heat pump is superior to the PTC resistive heater fitted to older cars during a very cold winter night. However, the R2’s battery capacity, driving range, energy efficiency, and towing capacity remain unknown, as it’s scheduled to go into production in 2026. Nonetheless, as more information becomes available, we will keep you updated on InsideEVs.