New Electric Fold Bicycle Introduced


New Electric Fold Bicycle Introduced !

The TXED 16 Inch Electric Fold Bicycle, touted as a “New Model Mini Bike For Sale,” offers convenience and eco-friendliness for city dwellers.


Priced at €33,704.99, with discounts down to €29,565.78 for orders exceeding 200 sets, this innovative vehicle promises an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation. With a minimum order requirement of 100 sets, potential buyers have the opportunity to acquire this cutting-edge technology in bulk.

Feature Detail
Price €33,704.99 (discounted to €29,565.78 for orders exceeding 200 sets)
Minimum order quantity 100 sets


The TXED Electric Fold Bicycle boasts several appealing features, including its compact 16-inch size, ideal for navigating crowded city streets. Additionally, its lithium battery ensures longevity and reliability, providing riders with peace of mind during their daily commutes.


With a perfect 5.0 rating based on four reviews, this bicycle has garnered significant praise from early adopters, cementing its status as the “No.1 Best Reviewed Lithium Battery Electric Folding Bike.”

Membership Benefits

Moreover, offers membership benefits to interested buyers, including up to US $80 in coupons and additional perks upon joining.

Who should buy…

For those interested in this groundbreaking mode of transportation.