Tesla’s FSD v12.4.6 Receives Glowing Reviews from Owners

Tesla's FSD v12.4.6 Receives Glowing Reviews from Owners

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology has been a topic of much discussion, with owners sharing their experiences as the system continues to evolve. The latest version, FSD v12.4.6, has garnered an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from Tesla owners, who are thrilled with the system’s improvements and capabilities.

Tesla’s Updated FSD v12.4.6 Owners Experience

2019 Model 3 owner Zack, @BLKMDL3, praised the system’s efficiency in maintaining speed and maneuvering around slower vehicles, noting an increase in lane changes in FSD v12.4.6.

“Take a look at Miss Jillybean’s (@MissJilianne) impressive experience with Autopark on her 2022 Model S Plaid, equipped with HW3/USS and running Tesla FSD 12.3.6. The feature worked flawlessly, earning a perfect score!”

Another Tesla Model 3 owner “Tesla Raj (@tesla_raj) is thrilled with the self-parking feature on his 2018 Model 3, powered by Intel Atom and running on 2024.3.25 and FSD 12.3.6 with USS. He’s impressed, saying it’s perfect – even he couldn’t have done it better himself! Kudos to @Tesla for the amazing tech!”

Chuck Cook (@chazman) is sharing a highlight clip from his full-length video showcasing Supervised Full Self-Driving (FSD) version 12.3.6, specifically focusing on Autopark scenarios.

Tesla Model X owner John Stewart (@Stew_JStew) is excited to have discovered a new feature in the latest Full Self-Driving (FSD) software update, version 12.3.6, on his 2022 Tesla Model X with UltraSonic Sensors (USS). The feature he’s thrilled about is called “VISION BASE PARK ASSIST”.


Consensus: FSD is Becoming Increasingly Human-Like

@TheSonOfWalkley reported that the initial reactions to Tesla’s FSD V12.3.6 are overwhelmingly positive, with the consensus being that the Full Self-Driving system is becoming increasingly human-like in its capabilities. This has left many impressed and excited about the future of autonomous driving.

Tesla’s Updated FSD v12.4.6 Version Features

The latest FSD version introduces several enhancements, including:

Autopark Enhancement:

Improvements to Autopark make parking maneuvers quicker and more efficient.

Transition to FSD (Supervised):

Tesla has transitioned its Full Self-Driving system from “beta” to “FSD (Supervised)” branding, signifying a shift towards more refined and supervised autonomous driving capabilities.

Improved Driving Visualization:

Enhancements to the driving visualization system offer clearer and more detailed visual feedback to drivers.

Autopilot Safety Focus:

Tesla’s new basic Autopilot video tutorial emphasizes safety and provides clear guidance on using Autopilot features responsibly.

Future Autonomy Levels:

The updated FSD version hints at advancements towards higher levels of vehicle autonomy, with Tesla’s Autopilot Director expressing optimism about the progress towards enhanced autonomy levels.

With these improvements, Tesla continues to push the boundaries of autonomous driving technology, making it an exciting time for Tesla owners and enthusiasts alike.