Tesla Autopilot Glitch Causes Concern for Plaid Owner

Tesla has revealed a unique approach to manufacturing its popular Model 3 vehicles.

Tesla owners are reporting issues with the latest software update for the Autopilot feature, with one user, Tim Benoit, sharing his concerning experience.

Autopilot Malfunction During Turn

Benoit, a Tesla Plaid owner, recently upgraded to Version: v11.1 (2024.3.20) and decided to test out the Autopilot feature for the first time since the update. However, during a right-on-red turn, the Autopilot system failed to properly navigate the turn, causing the vehicle to hit a curb.

Tesla Autopilot Glitch Causes Concern for Plaid Owner

Widespread Concerns Among Tesla Owners

Benoit’s experience has sparked concerns among other Tesla owners, with many taking to social media to share similar issues they have faced with the latest Autopilot software update. Some users have reported problems with the system’s ability to detect and respond to various road conditions and obstacles.

Tesla’s Response and Potential Fixes

Tesla has not yet issued a formal statement addressing the reported Autopilot issues. However, the company’s support team has advised users to try restarting their vehicles or checking for any open doors, as these factors can sometimes interfere with the Autopilot system’s functionality.2Tesla owners are encouraged to continue reporting any problems they encounter with the Autopilot feature to the company’s support team, in the hopes of prompting a swift response and potential software updates to address the concerns.