Cadillac Escalade iQL: Longer Escalade EV Is Coming

  • Cadillac to add a longer version of the electric Escalade iQ, named Escalade iQL.
  • Debut expected in 2024, with sales potentially starting the same year.
  • iQL to go on sale after the standard Escalade iQ, which is set to hit dealerships in summer 2024.
  • Visually, the iQL is expected to resemble the long-wheelbase gas-powered Escalade ESV.
  • Standard Escalade iQ is already large, measuring 224.3 inches long with a 136.2-inch wheelbase.
  • Escalade iQL will be even larger, with more information expected to be revealed later in 2024.

The Cadillac Escalade IQL is a highly anticipated electric SUV, set to arrive in late 2024. Cadillac officially confirmed the development of a long-wheelbase Escalade iQL at the 2024 Chicago Auto Show. However, details are still scarce.

You’re right, the upcoming Cadillac Escalade iQL is shaping up to be a truly massive SUV.

The frunk size is bigger than the boot of a Toyota Corolla, and with all seven seats up, it still has 650 liters of boot space.

The electric Escalade has a motorized charging port and will provide an adapter for Tesla Supercharger network. However, it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which may be added later. The vehicle is 224.3 inches long, 94.1 inches wide, and 76.1 inches tall, with a wheelbase of 136.2 inches.

Dimensions:  The standard Escalade iQ and the gas-powered Escalade ESV to get a sense of its scale

Dimension Escalade iQ Escalade ESV Difference (iQ vs. ESV)
Length (inches) 224.3 226.8 +2.5
Wheelbase (inches) 136.2 130.0 +6.2
Cargo space behind third row (cu ft) 23.7 41.5 -17.8
Cargo space behind second row (cu ft) 69.0 77.9 -8.9
Cargo space behind first row (cu ft) 109.1 142.3 -33.2

As you can see, the iQL is slightly longer overall than the ESV, but its wheelbase is significantly longer, contributing to a more spacious cabin, especially in the first and second rows. However, the iQ loses out on cargo space behind the third row due to its design for the electric drivetrain.

The interior of the electric Escalade is said to be impressive, with a high-quality design that rivals Mercedes and BMW cars that cost more.

The media screen for the driver is 55 inches, said to be the biggest screen in any car ever made. The vehicle is larger than the standard Escalade, with more interior space than most people’s living rooms. It has massive power and torque, making it an attractive choice for high-end consumers.

Weighing well over 4,500 pounds, possibly reaching 5,000 pounds, the electric Escalade offers substantial interior space.

The starting price of $130,000 is considered reasonable considering the impressive specifications: 450 miles of range and 750 horsepower.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The exact dimensions of the iQL are not yet confirmed. The figures above are based on estimates and reports.
  • The iQL is expected to offer a third-row seating option, unlike the standard iQ, but it may be less spacious than the ESV’s third row.
  • The iQL’s larger size may affect its handling and maneuverability.
  • The iQL’s price is likely to be higher than the standard iQ and the ESV.