Matter Aera: India’s Unique EV with 4-Speed Gearbox

Matter Aera: India's Unique EV with 4-Speed Gearbox

Exploring the Matter Aera: A Four-Speed Gearbox EV Experience

The Matter Aera is a noteworthy EV as it features a liquid-cooled powertrain and battery pack, making it the first of its kind in India. Moreover, it has a 4-speed gearbox, a feature that sets it apart from other offerings in the market. With its launch, the Gujarat-based startup aims to offer a traditional experience for those transitioning from conventional motorcycles to electric ones.

Design and Features

Featuring a design that resembles a conventional motorcycle, the electric motor and gearbox are placed where an engine would usually be. The bodywork is also traditional, with wide tank panels, while the illuminated side panels on the headlamp add a futuristic touch. The riding position feels natural, and the 790mm seat height accommodates riders of all sizes.

The 7-inch TFT display is larger than what’s found on most bikes and displays a plethora of information, making the rider feel like they’re riding an advanced machine. With around 450 patent and design trademark applications, the Aera seems to be a well-engineered EV.

Riding Experience

The 10.5kW/26Nm motor is connected to a 4-speed gearbox, providing a traditional riding experience. The clutch and gear shifter are used similarly to a petrol motorcycle. However, the Aera differs in that it can be pushed forwards and backwards even with the clutch released, and there is no engine braking or stalling.


The Aera provides brisk performance in Sport mode, with a claimed top speed of 105kph and a 0-60kph time of under 6 seconds. However, the bike’s weight, around 169kg, impacts efficiency, making it less agile compared to competitors. While the Aera has some unique features, the weight is a drawback.

Comfort and Safety

The Aera offers a decent ride on most roads, but the suspension feels under-damped at both ends when encountering bigger bumps or speed breakers. The disc brakes at both ends and single-channel ABS are standard, providing good stopping power.


The Matter Aera is priced at Rs 1.74 lakh for the base model and Rs 1.84 lakh for the fully-loaded variant. With this price point, the Aera competes with petrol motorcycles and the Tork Kratos R. While the Aera offers a unique riding experience, it remains to be seen how customers will receive this concept.