IM L7 EV Revised Model to Launch on February 24, 2024 In China

IM L7 EV Revised Model to Launch on February 24, 2024 In China

Enhanced IM L7

  • IM Motors unveils updated IM L7 with enhanced computational power and NOA capability.
  • Redesigned interior features LS6-inspired aesthetics and advanced comfort options.
  • Offers three power options and choice of two lithium battery packs for extended driving ranges.
  • IM Motors aims to rival Tesla but faces competition from leading EV manufacturers.

IM Motors has announced the release of the revised model of the IM L7 on February 24, with display models now available at dealerships. This updated version features a 10mm increase in body length and incorporates the Nvidia Orin X chip for enhanced computational power, nearly eight times greater than its predecessor.

The new IM L7 is equipped with two front surround-view cameras, now offering 8 million pixels, accompanied by the addition of a laser radar. This upgrade enables the IM L7 to support Navigate on Autopilot (NOA) capability. The IM Intelligent Driving NOA system has been deployed in major urban areas of Shanghai and is set to expand nationwide this year.

Interior aesthetics of the updated L7 have been redesigned to resemble the LS6, featuring a narrow border continuous screen. Additional features include leather seats, a 22-speaker entertainment system, dual-layer soundproof glass, and 50W wireless charging. The rear seats offer an additional 30mm of legroom, with a new reclining function and ventilation, shoulder, and lumbar massage features.

The revised IM L7 operates on a 400V system with three power options. The single-motor version boasts 231 kW, while the mid-spec version offers 250 kW. The top-spec four-wheel-drive version features permanent magnet synchronous motors on each front and rear axle, delivering 425 kW. The new car offers a choice between a 71.2 kWh or 90 kWh lithium battery pack, providing driving ranges of 570 km to 708 km under standard conditions.

IM Motors Technology Co., Ltd., established in December 2020, is a collaboration between SAIC Motor Corporation Group, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, and Alibaba Group. Aiming to rival Tesla, IM Motors achieved monthly sales of over 10,000 units in December 2023 and a remarkable year-over-year growth of 665%, with cumulative sales reaching 38,253 units. However, IM Motors still lags behind main competitors Tesla, Xpeng, and Nio in terms of sales.