IA Electric Vehicles Spearheads UK’s First Multi-Brand EV Revolution with Seres and Skywell


IA Electric Vehicles is set to introduce new automotive brands and expand its dealer network in 2024, including becoming the authorized UK distributor for leading EV OEMs Seres and Skywell in Cirencester, UK, as the country’s first multi-brand electric vehicle company.

The expansion of IA Electric Vehicles aligns with the UK’s goals of decarbonizing the automotive sector and achieving net-zero targets by offering next-generation electric vehicles, support packages, and flexible finance solutions.

Seres, a California-based manufacturer and subsidiary of the Seres Group, is a key player in this expansion, with its electric SUV, the Seres 3, being introduced to the UK market. This growth in the electric vehicle industry reflects the global trend towards sustainable mobility solutions and the increasing demand for electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability. IA Electric Vehicles’ strategic moves to expand its dealer network and introduce new brands contribute to the evolution of the automotive sector towards a greener future.

Source: thebusinessmagazine