eVITA: Ian Callum, Former Jaguar Design Chief, Revolutionizes Accessibility for Wheelchair Users


Key Points:

  • Collaboration between Ian Callum and Motability to create an electric vehicle tailored for wheelchair users.
  • Emphasis on accessibility and desirability in the EV’s design.
  • Importance of collaboration in addressing mobility challenges and promoting inclusivity.
  • Expected release date: 2025, with limited hand-built production in Warwick, England, and exports to the U.S. West Coast and parts of Canada.

Ian Callum, the former design chief at Jaguar, has collaborated with Motability to create a groundbreaking electric vehicle specifically designed for wheelchair users. 

This unique EV is tailored to meet the needs of wheelchair users, emphasizing accessibility and desirability in its design. The partnership between Ian Callum and Motability highlights the importance of collaboration in ensuring the success of the electric vehicle transition for wheelchair users, addressing specific mobility challenges and promoting inclusivity in the automotive industry.

What is the expected release date for the electric car created by Ian Callum and Motability?

The expected release date for the electric car created by Ian Callum and Motability is 2025, with fewer than 100 examples planned to be hand-built each year at Callum’s headquarters in Warwick, England, with exports to the U.S. West Coast and parts of Canada.

What features does the electric car have that make it accessible for wheelchair users?

he electric car designed for wheelchair users, known as eVITA, features several key elements that enhance accessibility for wheelchair users:

Modular ‘Utility Bar’:

The rear of the eVITA includes a modular utility bar that provides easy access to essential functions, ensuring occupants have full control and independence. This feature allows wheelchair users to access charging ports for personal devices, hooks for hanging coats or bags, and convenient storage like cup holders.

Flip Seat:

The interior of the eVITA prioritizes functionality and versatility, featuring a flip seat in the rear that allows for flexible seating arrangements, catering to the needs of wheelchair users and enhancing the overall accessibility of the vehicle.

These design elements are crucial in making the eVITA electric car a more inclusive and user-friendly option for individuals with mobility challenges.

Source: Autocarpro