Tesla Owner Faces Unexpected Skin Condition After Purchase

Tesla Owner Faces Unexpected Skin Condition After Purchase

According to a recent tweet from @Factschaser, a Tesla owner has encountered an unusual issue with their vehicle – the development of a skin condition on the paint.

Tesla Paint Causes Dermatitis-Like Symptoms

The Tesla owner, who purchased a 2018 model, reported that the vehicle’s paint began developing “acne” and “flaking skin.” This skin condition appears to be a form of dermatitis, a type of inflammatory reaction on the skin.

Tesla Deactivates Corrosion/Paint Warranty

When the owner complained to Tesla about the issue, the company reportedly deactivated the vehicle’s corrosion and paint warranty, leaving the owner responsible for addressing the problem.

Tesla’s Depreciation Reputation Reinforced

This incident further reinforces Tesla’s reputation for being one of the most depreciating vehicle brands on the market. The unexpected skin condition and Tesla’s response to the owner’s complaint are likely to contribute to the vehicle’s rapid loss in value over time.

Importance of Addressing Quality Issues

Tesla must take responsibility for addressing quality issues with its vehicles, including unexpected paint and corrosion problems that can impact the customer experience and the vehicle’s long-term value. Failing to do so could further erode public trust in the brand.