H&T Recharge Invests $110 Million in New EV Battery Facility in De Soto, Kansas


H&T Recharge, a significant player in the battery component market, is establishing a new production facility in De Soto, Kansas, with an investment of $110 million.

This strategic move aims to support and leverage the growing electric vehicle (EV) industry in partnership with Panasonic. The new plant will focus on advanced, automated production lines that produce cylindrical battery cans crucial for EVs.

The collaboration between H&T Recharge and Panasonic is critical as the EV market continues to expand in USA.

Despite the challenges faced by the industry, such as raw material scarcity and the need for enhanced charging infrastructure in USA, initiatives like H&T Recharge’s new plant are significant steps towards addressing these issues and promoting sustainable and advanced mobility solutions.

The project has been endorsed by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, who emphasizes its potential to create jobs, innovate, and enhance Kansas’s role in the EV market.

However, the EV industry still faces significant hurdles, including raw material scarcity and the need for improved charging infrastructure.

For further insights on the EV market, resources like the International Energy Agency (IEA), Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), and EV-Volumes provide valuable perspectives on industry dynamics and forecasts.

The rise of the EV industry is transforming the automotive landscape, with companies like H&T Recharge playing a vital role in meeting the demands of this burgeoning market.