Gogoro Accelerates Global Expansion of Battery-Swapping Electric Scooters


Taiwanese electric mobility company Gogoro is aggressively expanding its battery-swapping electric scooter ecosystem to new international markets, leveraging its successful domestic model to tackle urban transportation and environmental challenges around the world.

Gogoro’s Proven Battery-Swapping Network

Gogoro’s battery-swapping network has already facilitated over 480 million battery swaps, with over 400,000 swaps happening daily across its network of more than 2,500 stations in Taiwan. This innovative approach to electric mobility has been a key driver of Gogoro’s growth in its home market.

Targeting “Big Markets with Big Potential”

Recognizing the immense potential for electric two-wheelers globally, Gogoro has identified “big markets with big potential” as its focus for international expansion. In 2023 alone, the company has already expanded to new markets like India, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, and the Philippines, partnering with local industry leaders to replicate its successful model.

Bringing Battery-Swapping to Nepal

One of Gogoro’s latest international ventures is in Nepal, where the company has partnered with Nebula Energy, a subsidiary of the MG Group, to introduce its battery-swapping electric scooters and infrastructure in the Kathmandu valley. The plan is to roll out Gogoro’s GoStations every two to three kilometers (one to two miles) in the city, with the goal of offering Gogoro’s electric scooters at consumer retail locations by the end of 2023.

Tackling Urban Challenges through Electric Mobility

Gogoro sees electric mobility as “inevitable” and is aiming to leverage its expertise to address the pressing urban transportation and environmental challenges faced by cities around the world. By replicating its successful battery-swapping model, the company hopes to provide a sustainable and convenient solution for commuters while also contributing to cleaner air and reduced congestion.

Accelerating the Global Shift to Electric Two-Wheelers

Gogoro’s aggressive international expansion underscores the growing demand for electric two-wheelers as a viable solution to the transportation and environmental issues plaguing many urban centers. As the company continues to partner with local players and expand its battery-swapping network globally, it is poised to play a significant role in accelerating the worldwide shift towards more sustainable and efficient electric mobility.