Formula E Stays the Course with Refined Gen3 Car for 2023-24 Season


As the all-electric Formula E championship prepares for its upcoming Monaco ePrix this weekend, the series has opted to maintain its current Gen3 car design for the 2023-24 season, rather than introducing a mid-cycle “Gen3 EVO” update as previously suggested.

Continuity in the Gen3 Platform

The Gen3 car, which made its debut in the 2022-23 season, has been widely praised for its significant improvements over the previous Gen2 model. With increased power output, enhanced efficiency, and reduced weight, the Gen3 has been well-received by teams and drivers alike. Formula E’s decision to retain this platform for the next season reflects a focus on stability and refinement rather than a major overhaul.

Evolutionary Approach to Development

While the search results do not mention a “Gen3 EVO” variant, it is common for motorsport series to introduce incremental updates to their cars during a generation’s lifecycle. This evolutionary approach allows for continuous improvements in performance, reliability, and safety without the need for a complete redesign. In the case of Formula E, the focus appears to be on fine-tuning the existing Gen3 car rather than introducing a new model.

Anticipation for the Gen4 Car

The search results indicate that the next significant update to the Formula E car, the Gen4 model, is not expected until 2027. This timeline suggests that the series is taking a measured approach to its technological development, prioritizing stability and incremental progress over rapid changes that could disrupt the championship’s competitive landscape.

Maintaining Momentum and Engagement

By retaining the Gen3 car for the 2023-24 season, Formula E aims to maintain the momentum and engagement built around the current generation of vehicles. This continuity allows teams, drivers, and fans to further develop their understanding and appreciation of the platform, fostering a sense of familiarity and investment in the series’ ongoing evolution.While the absence of a “Gen3 EVO” update may disappoint some who were anticipating a more substantial mid-cycle refresh, Formula E’s decision to stay the course with the Gen3 car reflects a pragmatic approach to managing the development and introduction of new technologies in the all-electric racing championship.