Yoke in Hand: A Review of the Tesla Cybertruck Driving Experience

Driving The Tesla Cyber Truck
Driving The Tesla Cyber Truck

In recent video, @ Vehicle Virgins shares his driving experience with Tesla Cyber Truck.

He had a very positive experience driving the Tesla Cybertruck.

He mentioned that he had ordered one four years ago and were excited to finally see it on the streets. He also praised the vehicle’s design, calling it a “reinvention of the shape of a truck” and noting that it was polarizing, with some people hating it and others loving it.

The reviewer also mentioned several features of the Cybertruck that they found impressive, including its extreme durability, large windshield and windshield wiper, daytime running light light bar, and adjustable ride height. They were also impressed by the steer-by-wire technology, which they described as “fascinating” and “very maneuverable” in parking lots.

Overall, it sounds like the reviewer had a great time driving the Cybertruck and was very impressed by its performance and features. They described it as an “incredible” and “phenomenal” vehicle with a “crazy” turning radius and “unbelievable” ground clearance. They also mentioned that they thought it was the ultimate daily driver, with the ability to power your house from the truck bed and charge other Teslas if needed.

It’s worth noting that the review is primarily focused on the driving experience and does not delve into the technical specifications or performance data of the Cybertruck in detail. However, the reviewer does mention that the dual motor AWD model has 600 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds, while the top-of-the-range Cyberbeast model has 845 horsepower and can do 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds. They also note that the Cybertruck weighs 2500 lb less than a Hummer EV, making it faster and more maneuverable despite its larger size.

The host starts by highlighting the Cybertruck’s robust construction, made from tough stainless steel that can withstand 9mm gunshot rounds. The attention-grabbing design includes an expansive windshield, the world’s largest, and a striking daytime running light bar that can be enhanced with an extra light bar for extended illumination.

Moving to the interior, the YouTuber explores the spaciousness created by the enormous glass panoramic roof and an 18.5-inch touchscreen display, the largest ever in a Tesla. The rear of the Cybertruck features a tunnel cover that can withstand substantial weight, along with extra power outlets and ambient lighting for the bed.

As the YouTuber takes the Cybertruck for a spin, the impressive turning radius and maneuverability, attributed to the rear axle steering, are showcased. The driving experience is described as surprisingly smooth, even for a truck of its size. The Cybertruck’s acceleration, especially in the dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration, is commended, and the various driving modes, including a new off-road mode with “extract” ride height adjustment, are explored.