The Folsom Police Department Embraces Sustainability with Tesla Patrol Cars


The Folsom Police Department has taken a significant step towards sustainability and innovation by adding two Tesla electric vehicles to their fleet – a Model 3 Long Range and a Model Y Performance.

According to the department, the cost of the Tesla vehicles was approximately $20,000 less than the cost of two Ford Explorer police vehicles.  This move aligns with Folsom’s commitment to cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility in law enforcement.The Tesla cars will be the first fully electric vehicles in the Folsom Police Department’s fleet, replacing their existing hybrid patrol units. 

One of the new Teslas will be used as a regular patrol car, while the other will be utilized by a community service officer.

The department highlighted the benefits of the Tesla vehicles, including low maintenance costs, reduced fuel expenses, rapid acceleration, and environmental sustainability. This shift towards electric vehicles is part of a growing trend among California law enforcement agencies, with cities like South Pasadena and Fremont already incorporating Tesla EVs into their police fleets.

Folsom’s decision to adopt Tesla patrol cars represents a broader commitment to innovation and a greener future in law enforcement. By embracing cutting-edge technology and prioritizing sustainability, the Folsom Police Department is setting an example for other departments to follow.