Tesla Slashes Full Self-Driving Subscription Price to $99/Month, Sparks Debate Over Ownership and Pricing


In a surprise move, Tesla has announced a significant reduction in the monthly subscription price for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) package. The price drop, from $199/month to $99/month, has sparked a flurry of reactions from Tesla enthusiasts and investors alike.

Two million people recently got a free one-month trial of FSD (Supervised).

Now @ $99 a month it’s 120 months. Most people don’t own vehicles for 10 years.

Responses poured in from the Tesla community, with some expressing surprise and excitement over the price cut. “That’s a significant drop!” exclaimed Tesla Owners Wisconsin.

However, questions lingered about the implications for existing Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) owners and the long-term viability of the subscription model. “What does this mean for people who purchased EAP?” queried Brian, seeking clarification on the pricing structure.

Others, like Zanegler, raised concerns about the necessity of ownership transferability for widespread adoption: “Few will buy it outright unless it is transferable now. It will take 10 years for break-even at this price. This might be by design.”

As the Tesla community absorbs the news, speculation abounds about the potential impact on Tesla’s financial performance and the broader landscape of autonomous driving technology.

With no changes announced yet for the full license purchase option, the Tesla ecosystem awaits further developments in this evolving saga.

Tesla FSD Subscription Sparks Debate Over Ownership and Pricing

In the world of Tesla, ownership isn’t just about driving – it’s a conversation that can shift with the tap of a keyboard. Recent tweets from Tesla owners and enthusiasts have ignited a discussion about the value and longevity of Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities, prompting questions about ownership, pricing, and fairness.

One user, BoomerBiohacker, shared insights into the cost comparison between a lump sum payment and a monthly subscription for FSD. “At 100 months, I break even compared to $100 a month. I paid $10,000 in September 2021,” they tweeted, highlighting the financial dynamics of Tesla’s FSD offerings.

Meanwhile, Mechanical Bear chimed in with a call for permanence: “Agree with making transfers permanent for those who paid in full. After 8 years, you’ll be ahead if you can transfer it to a new Tesla.” This sentiment was echoed by others like Brian Bapties, who stressed the importance of fairness: “You’ll still break even after 8 years from purchase.”

However, concerns were raised about the current ownership model. Poppy emphasized the distinction between owning FSD outright versus opting for a subscription: “You own your FSD. These other options are for subscription. They will be paying $99 forever. When it is L4, you will be very happy.”

On the topic of ownership transferability, Cn advocated for more flexibility: “It only makes sense if they allow everyone who purchased to move it to other cars, as much as they like. I hope they do it soon.”

As the debate rages on, users like S Wigham raised questions about the subscription model: “So you don’t buy the option at $12k now. You just pay the $99 a month??”

In the midst of these discussions, the broader implications of Tesla’s approach to FSD ownership are being scrutinized. “That’s like over 8 years and you can’t even transfer it over to the next vehicle. I’m not keeping a car longer than 6 years,” lamented Heysuse.

While Tesla’s FSD subscription model has brought accessibility to advanced driving features, it has also ignited a conversation about the nuances of ownership, pricing structures, and the future of autonomous driving. As users continue to share their perspectives, the debate over FSD ownership and pricing shows no signs of slowing down.

However, questions remain regarding ownership transferability and brand loyalty. Dare W raised concerns about the need for Tesla to offer at least one free FSD transfer for those who purchased it outright, given the shift in the value equation. “Do you know if Tesla is offering at least one free FSD transfer to those who purchased FSD outright given the value equation has completely changed?” he queried.

Eric J Hägerström provided a perspective on the cost per mile, suggesting that even at the new subscription price, FSD could be a worthwhile investment for frequent drivers.

Addressing the issue of brand loyalty, Frank Bruno emphasized the importance of allowing a permanent one-time transfer of FSD for those who purchased it in full. “Now @elonmusk and @Tesla need to do the right thing and allow a permanent 1-time transfer of FSD at the time of our choosing for those of us who purchased it in full,” he urged, underscoring the significance of customer retention in the fiercely competitive automotive market.

As Tesla navigates these intricacies, the broader implications of its pricing decisions on customer satisfaction and market positioning will continue to unfold.