Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in Sydney as Part of Promotional Tour


In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted driving around the streets of Sydney, Australia, as part of a promotional tour by the electric vehicle manufacturer.

Exclusive Sighting Reported

The news of the Cybertruck’s arrival in Australia was first reported by Ben Fordham Live on 2GB Breakfast, a popular radio show in the country. According to the report, the Tesla Cybertruck was seen driving around Sydney, and the show’s host, Ben Fordham, interviewed Trent Nikolic, a Drive employee, to get more details on the sighting.

Anticipation and Speculation

The appearance of the Cybertruck in Sydney has generated significant excitement and speculation among electric vehicle enthusiasts and the general public. Many have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Tesla’s innovative pickup truck in the Australian market, and this sighting has only fueled their anticipation.

Delivery Challenges and Pricing

While the Cybertruck has been well-received globally, its introduction in Australia has faced some challenges. Tesla had previously removed the Cybertruck from its Australian website, and the company has yet to confirm plans for a right-hand-drive version of the vehicle. Additionally, the pricing for the Cybertruck in Australia has seen a significant increase, with the base model now starting at AU$92,000, up from the originally promised range of AU$60,500 to AU$106,000.

Production Ramp-up and Future Outlook

Despite the challenges, Tesla has been making progress in ramping up Cybertruck production, with the company recently achieving a production rate of over 1,000 units per week at its Gigafactory Texas. The automaker expects to build 250,000 Cybertrucks annually by 2025, though it has only delivered around 4,000 units since December 2023.The appearance of the Tesla Cybertruck in Sydney is a significant milestone for the electric vehicle manufacturer’s presence in the Australian market. As Tesla continues to navigate the complexities of introducing this innovative pickup truck, the excitement and anticipation among Australian consumers remain high, and the company’s ability to address the challenges will be crucial in meeting the growing demand for the Cybertruck.