High Costs and Challenges of Installing Tesla Cybertruck’s Powershare Feature


In a detailed account shared by Joe Tegtmeyer, a Tesla Cybertruck owner, the complexities and unexpectedly high costs associated with installing the Powershare equipment that comes with the Cybertruck Foundation Series purchase have been revealed. The breakdown of the costs and challenges sheds light on the significant financial implications and considerations for potential Powershare customers.

Powershare Equipment Breakdown

The original purchase of the Cybertruck Foundation Series includes a $595.00 Powershare home charger, a $230.00 Powershare mobile connector, and a $1,800.00 Powershare Gateway. However, the installation costs are not included in the purchase for AWD Foundation Series owners, unlike CyberBeast owners who receive a $4,000 credit for installation.

Installation Estimates and Variability

Tesla contracts out the installation work, with Treehouse being the chosen contractor in Joe Tegtmeyer’s case. After a thorough survey of the house’s electrical systems and existing solar setup, the installation estimate provided a staggering cost range. The final estimate revealed installation and electrical upgrade costs of $33,837.50 without Powerwalls, or $64,275.00 with two Powerwalls, far exceeding initial expectations.

Unexpected Financial Burden

The exorbitant costs highlighted in the estimate, which are significantly higher than anticipated, have posed a financial challenge for Joe Tegtmeyer. The installation costs, amounting to nearly one-third to two-thirds of the price of a second Foundation Series Cybertruck, have raised concerns about the feasibility and affordability of integrating the Powershare feature into his home setup.

Considerations for Future Powershare Customers

Joe Tegtmeyer’s experience serves as a cautionary tale for potential Powershare customers, emphasizing the importance of understanding the potential costs and complexities involved in installing the feature. The unexpected financial burden and variability in installation estimates underscore the need for thorough assessment and consideration before opting for Powershare, especially considering individual home situations and existing electrical setups.The detailed breakdown provided by Joe Tegtmeyer offers valuable insights into the challenges and costs associated with integrating Tesla Cybertruck’s Powershare feature, highlighting the need for transparency and informed decision-making when considering this innovative energy solution.