Tesla Cybertruck Owners Ditch Rear View Mirror for Improved Range and Visibility


In a surprising move, Tesla Cybertruck owners are opting to remove the standard rear view mirror from their all-electric trucks. The decision comes after owners have experienced the mirror’s limitations and lack of utility during extended road trips.

“The rear view mirror on the Cybertruck is just completely useless,” said one owner who has taken several long-distance drives in the vehicle. “It’s not a digital mirror, so you can’t see the camera feed, and it’s so small and flimsy that it doesn’t provide good visibility.”

Another key factor driving the mirror removal is the impact it has on the Cybertruck’s range. Owners have found that keeping the aerodynamic “T-bar” cover closed, rather than having the mirror protruding, can significantly improve efficiency and extend the vehicle’s driving range, especially at highway speeds.

“You already have the rear view camera display on the center screen, so the physical mirror is just redundant,” the owner added. “Removing it is a no-brainer – it cleans up the look, improves range, and doesn’t sacrifice any functionality.”

The process to remove the Cybertruck’s rear view mirror is remarkably simple, requiring just the removal of a single Torx screw. Tesla appears to have designed the mirror with easy removal in mind, likely anticipating that many owners would opt to forgo this feature.

As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, owners are taking matters into their own hands to optimize their Cybertrucks for the real-world driving conditions they encounter. The removal of the rear view mirror is just one example of how Cybertruck owners are customizing their trucks to suit their specific needs and preferences.