Skarper E-Bike Conversion Kit Accelerates with Oracle Red Bull Racing Collaboration


In June 2022, the Skarper e-bike conversion kit caught our attention with its innovative two-in-one rotor design, acting as both the bike’s rear brake and rear wheel drive. Since then, the project has gained momentum, receiving backing from former track cyclist and racing driver Chris Hoy. Now, an exciting collaboration with the Oracle Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team aims to elevate the Skarper kit’s efficiency, compactness, and overall performance.

Before delving into the details of the Skarper kit, it’s essential to understand why one might opt for an e-bike conversion kit instead of purchasing a ready-made electric bicycle. Versatility is a key factor, and the Skarper DiskDrive’s original design allows the motor to be easily detached, transforming the bike from an e-bike to a regular one within minutes. While this flexibility is appealing, the Skarper DiskDrive’s retail price, projected to exceed $1,000 USD, may limit its cost-effectiveness.

The collaboration with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team follows a significant £4-million investment in Skarper in April 2023, underscoring the increasing interest in e-bike-focused technology. Christian Horner, Team Principal for Oracle Red Bull Racing, expressed admiration for Skarper’s innovation, leading to an instruction to his engineers to collaborate with Skarper in refining the kit’s size and efficiency. In Horner’s words, this partnership exemplifies how F1 expertise can enhance everyday technology for the public’s benefit.

Despite being a far cry from a high-performance F1 car, the Skarper e-bike kit, weighing a mere 3 kilograms, includes both the motor and the battery. Skarper claims an impressive range of up to 60 kilometers on a single charge, complying with European e-bike legislation with a nominal output of 250 watts. The torque rating of 50 Nm adds to its appeal, resembling the Bosch Performance Line SX motor.

Installation of the kit on the bike’s chainstay is purportedly quick and easy, although the variability in bicycle design might pose challenges depending on the brand, type, and frame size. Pre-orders for the kit have already sold out, with deliveries expected between the summer and winter of 2024. Skarper plans to reopen orders with a price tag starting at £1,295, approximately $1,647 USD.

As the Skarper e-bike conversion kit gains traction and undergoes refinement through the collaboration with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, it highlights the convergence of F1 technology with everyday transportation, offering consumers a glimpse into the potential future of high-performance e-bikes.