Tesla’s Rollercoaster: Insights from Quarterly Earnings, China’s Impact, and Cybertruck Production


In the aftermath of Tesla’s quarterly earnings call, the automotive world is buzzing with revelations from CEO Elon Musk. As we break down the aftermath, three key points emerge—China’s dominance in the EV market, Tesla’s stock turbulence, and insights into the much-anticipated Cybertruck production.

30%: China’s Auto Industry – A Global Game Changer

During the earnings call, Musk acknowledged the formidable nature of China’s EV industry, stating that Chinese car companies are the most competitive globally. He emphasized that, without trade barriers, these companies could potentially “demolish” their global counterparts. The booming Chinese EV market has led to concerns about “dumping problems,” prompting governments to implement protective tariffs and regulations. The impact of China’s influence is felt across the globe, with Tesla, among others, navigating this complex landscape.

60%: Tesla’s Stock Takes a Hit

Tesla’s stock faced a significant downturn after the earnings report failed to meet market expectations. Earnings and revenue below projections triggered an 8.8% drop in trading price during after-hours trading. The company also announced a projected slowdown in its annual growth rate through 2024, contributing to the market unease. CFO Vaibhav Taneja attributed this slowdown to a transitional period between major growth waves, emphasizing a shift in focus towards the launch of Tesla’s next-generation vehicle, codenamed “Redwood.”

90%: Cybertruck Production and 4680 Cells

Contrary to rumors, Tesla’s VP of Supply Chain, Karn Budhiraj, dispelled the notion that the Cybertruck’s production slowdown is due to the new 4680 battery cells. He assured that 4680 production is ahead of the ramp, with weeks of finished cell inventory. While Tesla plans to expand 4680 production lines, the challenges lie elsewhere in the production ramp. Despite high demand for the Cybertruck, current output figures suggest a slower production pace compared to the Model Y.

100%: Tesla’s 2024 Offerings – Model 3 Highland and Beyond

The arrival of the Model 3 Highland in the U.S. has sparked enthusiasm among potential Tesla buyers. With the Cybertruck launch addressing pent-up demand and hints of a Model 3 Performance refresh on the horizon, Tesla owners and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the company’s evolving offerings in 2024. Whether buyers have been waiting for refreshes or have specific preferences in mind, the comments section invites insights into the preferences of new car buyers this year.

As Tesla navigates the intricacies of global markets, production challenges, and evolving consumer demands, 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for the electric car giant.