Rivian Owner Shares Honest Experience: Why I Sold My R1T


In a comprehensive YouTube video released recently, a Rivian owner provided a candid account of their journey with the Rivian R1T electric truck. The video not only highlights the impressive features of the R1T but also sheds light on the challenges and issues encountered during ownership.

The Rivian R1T, often hailed as one of the most exciting startups in the electric vehicle (EV) space, has garnered attention for its innovative approach, drawing comparisons to Tesla’s disruptive model. Despite being in the early stages of production, Rivian has made waves with its luxury-priced vehicles, the R1T and R1S.

The owner commends the R1T for its impeccable build quality, robust performance, and innovative design elements such as the gear tunnel and front trunk. They emphasize the R1T’s off-roading prowess, spacious interior, and frequent software updates, which enhance the user experience akin to Tesla’s software-based approach.

However, the owner also delves into the challenges faced during ownership, including reliability issues, limitations in the charging infrastructure, and software bugs. They recount instances where sudden performance limitations arose due to software errors, coupled with frustrating experiences with Rivian’s service and support, including long wait times for appointments and unresolved issues.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the R1T, the owner ultimately made the decision to sell the vehicle. Factors contributing to this decision include limited usage as a truck, challenges with charging infrastructure, efficiency concerns, and apprehensions about depreciation.

However, the owner remains optimistic about Rivian’s future, particularly with the upcoming release of the R2, a smaller and more affordable SUV model. They express hope that Rivian will address existing issues and continue to innovate in the EV space.

The video provides valuable insights into the real-world ownership experience of the Rivian R1T, offering a balanced perspective on both its strengths and areas for improvement. Viewers are encouraged to share their thoughts on the upcoming R2 model and explore the owner’s impressions of other electric vehicles.

Overall, the video serves as a testament to the complexities of EV ownership and highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the automotive industry.