Tesla News Roundup: Updates on Giga Berlin, Model S/X, Supercharger Network


Supercharger Network Update:

Let’s start with the latest developments in the Supercharger network. Tesla has introduced some innovative features at the new V4 Supercharger in Pine. Similar to traditional gas stations, Tesla has installed electronic price boards, displaying the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) alongside the charging power. Additionally, there are larger displays for advertisements or important information, such as lounge hours and restroom availability. Notably, Tesla has opened the Supercharger to all electric vehicles, potentially maximizing usage and revenue opportunities.

Supercharger Opening to Non-Tesla Vehicles in the USA:

In a significant move, Tesla has opened its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles in the USA. Ford Mustang Mach-E and Ford F-150 Lightning owners can now use Tesla Superchargers with an adapter. However, there are concerns about parking etiquette, as some Tesla stalls are not optimized for non-Tesla vehicles, potentially leading to charging congestion.

Giga Berlin Expansion Update:

Turning our attention to Giga Berlin, Tesla’s expansion plans have faced environmental activism as the company seeks to clear additional forested land. Despite criticism, Tesla remains committed to expanding its operations in Berlin, citing the need for a larger production facility to accommodate new features such as a goods station, warehouse, water treatment plant, and childcare facility. Tesla has also undertaken reforestation efforts to compensate for cleared land and contributes significantly to local taxes, highlighting its economic impact on the region.


Prospective Gigafactory Location in Italy:

In light of potential obstacles in Berlin, Tesla is reportedly exploring the possibility of establishing a Gigafactory in Italy. While details remain scarce, Italy has emerged as a potential candidate alongside other automakers seeking European manufacturing facilities.

Tesla Validation Vehicle Spotted in Germany:

Recent sightings of a Tesla validation vehicle in Munich have sparked speculation about advancements in Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology. These vehicles, equipped with various sensors, collect real-world data to improve Tesla’s autonomous driving systems. While FSD deployment in Europe awaits regulatory approval, Tesla continues to gather valuable data for future development.

Model S/X Update:

Tesla is set to roll out minor updates for Model S and Model X, including the addition of a front camera and ambient lighting. These enhancements aim to enhance user experience and align the features with those of other Tesla models.

Model 3 Ludicrous Mode Spotted:

Lastly, sightings of a Model 3 with Ludicrous Mode suggest that Tesla is inching closer to launching this high-performance variant. With sightings in Spain and the USA, anticipation builds for the official release and pricing details.