New 2024 E-Bike Unboxing Unveils the New Andsky S700

eBike: Andsky S700
eBike: Andsky S700

Today, Amanda from E-Bike Reviews and Adventures takes us through the unboxing of the much-anticipated Andsky S700 electric bike. Known for providing insightful reviews and engaging content, E-Bike Reviews has quickly become a go-to channel for electric bike enthusiasts.

In the latest video, Amanda begins with excitement, introducing the Andsky S700 with the tagline “Ride Beyond, Discover Freedom.” She expresses her personal connection to the idea of freedom while riding, a sentiment shared by many in the biking community.

The unboxing process reveals meticulous packaging, with Amanda noting the abundance of styrofoam to protect the bike during transit. She appreciates the inclusion of a sticky pad to prevent any vital bike parts from protruding through the cardboard.

A surprising discovery during the unboxing is that the front tire appears to be pre-attached to the bike, suggesting a relatively straightforward assembly process. Amanda speculates that only the pedals, handlebars, and saddle may need to be added.

The video unfolds with Amanda assembling the bike, pointing out interesting features like the folding stem, the well-sized and knobby-treaded tires, and the strategically placed hydraulic brakes. The battery’s location at the back of the bike is also highlighted, deviating from the common placement on the downtube.

As Amanda puts the bike together, she shares her observations about the adjustable saddle stem with measurements, making it convenient for multiple riders. She also notes a unique feature – a ruler on the seat post, aiding in precise seat height adjustments.

Further discoveries include a guard on the derailer and mag wheels, adding to the bike’s durability and functionality. Amanda’s entertaining and informative commentary continues as she encounters a surprise phone holder and keys tucked away in the packaging.

The unboxing adventure concludes with Amanda ready to take the Andsky S700 for a test ride. She promises a comprehensive review in about a week, where she will share her riding experience, detailed specifications, and final thoughts on this new addition to the e-bike market.

Specs Andsky S700

Specification Detail
Model Andsky S700
Motor 500W brushless gear hub motor
Battery 48V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery
Range Up to 60km (37 miles)
Max speed 35km/h (22 mph)
Wheels 26″ x 1.95″ CST puncture-resistant tires
Brakes Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Frame 6061 aluminum alloy frame
Fork Suntour XCM HLO coil fork
Gears Shimano 7-speed derailleur
Weight 25kg (55 lbs)
Availability United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, New Zealand
Price US$1,299, CA$1,599, £1,199, €1,399, AU$1,999, NZ$2,299


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