Review: New APYEAR Electric Bike Folding Mini 400w 2024 E-Bike in USA


In a recent review by Gear_Now, the APYEAR E-Bike Folding Mini 400w E-Bike proves to be a surprising powerhouse, reaching speeds of up to 26 mph. Despite its small stature, this e-bike offers an exhilarating ride experience that defies expectations.

Designed for individuals seeking a convenient and affordable alternative to e-scooters or traditional e-bikes, the APYEAR E-Bike Folding Mini 400w E-Bike emerges as the ideal choice. According to Gear_Now, it’s perfect for those who want to effortlessly navigate urban environments or enjoy leisurely rides without breaking the bank.

Gear_Now takes viewers through a detailed walkthrough of the e-bike, starting with its impressive specifications. With a rider recommended height ranging from below 5 feet to above 6 feet, this e-bike accommodates a wide range of users. Equipped with a 400-watt 48-volt hub motor, the APYEAR E-Bike delivers remarkable performance despite its compact size.

One notable feature is the removable 48v 12 amp hour battery, providing a claimed range of 20 to 30 miles. Additionally, the e-bike boasts a weight capacity of 260 lbs, making it suitable for various riders. Gear_Now emphasizes the convenience of the two-key system for battery removal and ignition, ensuring security and ease of use.

Assembly is a breeze, with the APYEAR E-Bike arriving almost fully assembled in the USA. Users only need to install the seat, pedals, and handlebars before charging the battery and hitting the road. The inclusion of front and rear fenders, along with mechanical disc brakes, ensures a safe and comfortable e-Bike ride experience in the USA.

Gear_Now praises the e-bike’s full suspension system, which includes front and mid shocks, providing excellent shock absorption even on rough terrain. The integrated lights and turn signals enhance visibility and safety during rides, while the rear rack adds convenience for carrying cargo.

Despite minor concerns about the seat’s flexibility, Gear_Now suggests upgrading it for enhanced comfort during long rides. The e-bike’s lightweight and foldable design make it highly portable and easy to store in small spaces, ideal for commuters and recreational riders alike.

Moving to the handlebar area, Gear_Now demonstrates the functionality of the key, throttle, pedal assist, and horn. Although the display is minimalist, Gear_Now recommends using a phone holder for additional ride metrics.

On the trail, the APYEAR E-Bike impresses with its performance across various modes, including pedal-only, pedal assist, and throttle. Gear_Now highlights its agility and responsiveness, making it a versatile option for urban commuting and leisurely rides.

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