Kia’s EV Sales Reach New Heights in 2024: EV9 and EV6 Leading the Way


In January 2024, Kia’s global all-electric car retail sales amounted to 12,731 units, showing a 48% increase compared to the previous year. In the United States, Kia’s EV sales through February 2024 increased by 65% year-over-year, with approximately 4,000 EVs sold in February and almost 7,500 between January and February.

The main all-electric models contributing to these sales in the U.S. are the EV6 and the recently launched EV9, with the EV9 showing strong performance and outselling the EV6 in January.

In January 2024, Kia’s electric vehicle (EV) sales in the United States were as follows:

  • Kia EV9: 1,408 units
  • Kia EV6: 1,213 units
Chart shown as an imageThese figures show that the Kia EV9 outpaced the EV6 in sales during that month, with the EV9 experiencing a 27% increase in sales compared to the previous month.


In the US market, Kia’s electric vehicle (EV) sales accounted for approximately 0.93% of the brand’s total vehicle sales.