Tesla Prepares Customers for Surprise FSD Reveal in China

Tesla Prepares Customers for Surprise FSD Reveal in China

Mysterious New Feature Teased in China

According to reports, Tesla is gearing up to unveil a new feature to its customers in China. Tesla’s sales team has reportedly informed one of the company’s fans that they must schedule around 30-40 people to come to the store tomorrow for a test drive of something new.

FSD Hints from Sales Team

The sales representative was hesitant to disclose exactly what this new feature is, only hinting that it is not a new car or a price drop. However, the salesperson heavily implied that it is related to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology, though they were not allowed to confirm this outright just yet.

Potential FSD Update or Offering

This suggests that Tesla may be planning to roll out a new FSD-related offering or update to its customers in China. The company has been pushing its FSD technology aggressively, with CEO Elon Musk recently mandating that all Tesla deliveries in North America include a test drive of the FSD system.

Awaiting Official Announcement

It’s unclear exactly what this new FSD-related feature might be, but the fact that Tesla is scheduling large groups of customers to test it out indicates that it could be a significant development. Customers and industry observers will likely have to wait until Tesla’s official announcement tomorrow to get more details.