Honda Electric Bikes Aimed at Generation Z In China

Honda Dax e
Honda Dax e

With a total ownership of 340 million units, electric two-wheelers have become an integral part of daily life in China. As the world’s largest market for electric two-wheelers, China has witnessed rapid advancements in electrification, including electric bicycles (EBs), electric motorcycles, and electric scooters. Honda, a global leader in the electric vehicle industry, has set its sights on China, where the electrification of mobility is rapidly advancing, aiming to capture the next generation of users, Generation Z, through its electric two-wheeler strategy.

Honda’s “Three Siblings” E-Bikes: A Fashionable Ride for China’s Generation Z

In January 2023, Honda unveiled its electric two-wheeler lineup, the “Three Siblings,” in China, targeting the tech-savvy Generation Z. Here’s a closer look at the innovative features and strategies behind these stylish e-bikes.

Honda Cub e:

Honda Cub e
Honda Cub e
    • Inspired by the iconic “Super Cub” (1958).
    • Electric Bicycle (EB) category in China.
    • Combines traditional silhouette with a refined design.

Honda Cub e Specs and Price:

Feature Specification
Motor Power 1.5 kW (continuous)
Top Speed 45 km/h (28 mph)
Range 50 km (31 miles) (with single battery), 80 km (50 miles) (with double battery)
Battery Lithium-ion, 50.4V 17.4Ah (single), 2 x 50.4V 17.4Ah (double)
Charging Time 4 hours (standard charger), 1.5 hours (optional fast charger)
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs) (with single battery), 64 kg (141 lbs) (with double battery)
Seat Height 780 mm (30.7 in)
Wheels 17-inch
Brakes Front disc, rear drum
Features LED lighting, digital speedometer, USB charging port, under-seat storage compartment
Price €2,850 (single battery), €3,350 (double battery)

Honda Zoomer e:

Honda ZOOMER e
Honda Zoomer e
    • Draws inspiration from the “ZOOMER” (2001).
    • Falls under the Electric Bicycle (EB) category.
    • Emphasizes an iconic style while targeting a younger demographic.

Honda Zoomer e Price and Specs:

Feature Specification
Motor Power 350W Bosch motor
Top Speed 25 km/h (claimed), 40 km/h (reported)
Range Up to 80 km
Battery 48V24Ah lithium-ion battery
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Weight 54 kg
Dimensions 1710 x 765 x 1030 mm
Wheels 90/90-12 front, 90/100-12 rear
Brakes Front disc, rear drum
Features LCD digital meter, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, smartphone app integration, LED lighting, under-seat storage
Price ₱84,900 (Philippines)


Honda Dax e:

Honda Dax e
Honda Dax e
    • Modeled after the classic “Dax” (1969).
    • Electric Bicycle (EB) classification.
    • Aims to capture the interest of the next generation.

Honda Dax e Price and Specs:

Unfortunately, the Honda Dax e is not yet officially available and details about its specs and price haven’t been formally released by Honda. However, based on speculations and leaks, here’s a tentative table of what we might expect:

Feature Specification
Motor Power Expected to be around 1.5 kW to 2 kW
Top Speed Estimated to be around 45 km/h to 50 km/h
Range Anticipated to be between 50 km to 80 km depending on battery configuration (single or double)
Battery Most likely to use a 48V lithium-ion battery with varying capacities for different range options
Charging Time Around 4-5 hours for a standard charger, with an optional fast charger potentially available
Weight Projected to be around 65 kg to 70 kg
Wheels Speculated to be 12-inch wheels
Brakes Likely to have front disc and rear drum brakes
Features May include features like an LCD digital meter, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, and under-seat storage
Price Pricing information is still unavailable, but it’s expected to be in the range of other electric scooters in its class, potentially starting around €2,500 to €3,000.

Why Target Generation Z?

Generation Z in China, similar to Japan, is adept at using social media and has a high level of information awareness. They are sensitive to trends and have a strong inclination towards authenticity in products, often seeking originality. The One-Child generation, born between 1990 and 1995, has a strong sense of community and group culture, seeking connections with people who share similar hobbies and interests. With their free-spirited nature and desire for self-expression, the Honda EBs could be more than just a means of transportation for China’s Generation Z. They might be embraced as tools for self-expression, becoming an integral part of their lifestyle.

Ingenuity Behind the Electric Bikes

Honda eBikes China
Honda eBikes China

To resonate with the Z generation, Honda pursued a next-generation style that aligns with its essence while being visually appealing for social media. The designs are aimed at capturing the interest of the younger generation, who typically use the subway or taxis, encouraging them to see Honda’s electric two-wheelers as appealing and stylish fashion items that they can confidently ride.

New Sales Strategies, Including Digital Aspects

Honda emphasized experiential communication by conducting product launch events online, making a groundbreaking attempt in the Chinese two-wheeler market by making use of the metaverse, and prioritizing immersive experiences. They have also introduced new strategies, taking inspiration from marketing practices in the apparel industry. This includes directing to their e-commerce site through TikTok’s official accounts and collaborating with influencers for product descriptions.

Shopping for Clothing Alongside an Electric Two-Wheeler?

Honda eBikes China
Honda eBikes China

In March 2023, a lifestyle-oriented electric two-wheeler flagship store, “Shanghai Jing’an Store”, opened its doors. The concept of the store was to create an exciting space that combines next-generation transportation, apparel, and dining—a “Clothes, Food, and Ride” environment. The store was designed to target positive and youthful individuals living in urban centers, aiming to provide a life with secure, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable electric bicycles.

The collaboration with World, a major Japanese apparel manufacturer, has resulted in a successful store concept. The store has introduced successful promotional cases unique to World, with daily posts on social media increasing the number of followers several times before and after the initiatives.

Honda’s electric two-wheeler strategy reflects its commitment to innovation and reaching new audiences. The project has not only created fashionable and stylish e-bikes but has also strengthened the team’s collaboration and inspired a sense of purpose. As the “Three Siblings” continue to make an impact, Honda aims to leverage this success for future brand development and expansion.