Tesla Addresses Cybertruck Cargo Divider Fitment Issue, Offers Free Replacement

Tesla Addresses Cybertruck Cargo Divider Fitment Issue, Offers Free Replacement

In a move to address a reported problem with the Tesla Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider accessory, the electric vehicle manufacturer has identified a defect in the latch mechanism and is offering affected customers a revised version at no additional cost.

The issue was first brought to light on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, where user Brad described difficulties in properly fitting the cargo divider into the truck’s bed. Specifically, the small feet on the bottom of the divider did not align with the grooves in the bed, preventing the top from being inserted into the rail system.

“I bought the Tesla Cybertruck Cargo Divider but it does not fit correctly in the middle 1/3rd of the bed,” Brad wrote. “It has small feet on the bottom that do not line up with the groves in the bed of the truck. This prevents you from inserting the top into the rail system that holds it in.”

In response to this feedback, Tesla has acknowledged the problem and is taking steps to rectify the situation for its customers. According to a tweet from Tesla enthusiast Brandon, the company has “identified a defect with the latch mechanism on the Cybertruck Vault Cargo Divider accessory” and will be sending out revised versions to anyone who purchased the original.

“Anyone that bought one will be sent a revised version at no cost and can keep the original,” Brandon clarified in his tweet.This proactive move by Tesla demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing quality control issues and ensuring customer satisfaction, even with its accessory products. The Cybertruck has faced a number of challenges since its launch, including a recent recall due to a defect in the accelerator pedal.

However, Tesla’s willingness to quickly identify and resolve problems like the cargo divider fitment issue is a positive sign for the company’s continued improvement and refinement of its vehicles and accessories.