GM Drops Base Model Hummer EV2: Focus on Premium Trims


General Motors (GM) has reportedly canceled the base model of the GMC Hummer EV, the EV2, with a projected starting price of $80,000 and 625 horsepower. The EV2, which had a limited range of 250 miles and lacked features such as Crabwalk and four-wheel steering, was not expected to be available until Spring 2024.

Low sales could be the reason behind the cancellation, as the Hummer EV saw a total of 2,028 deliveries over Q4 2023, with only 825 units of the pickup truck and 1,203 units of the SUV delivered to customers. Despite its niche focus and limited sales, the Hummer EV has gained attention, with the first-ever SUV fetching $500,000 at an auction and GM Defense revealing a tactical version last June in the USA.

The Hummer EV is considered an electric equivalent of its combustion-powered predecessor, known for symbolizing excess. While the EV2 model may have been canceled, the Hummer EV remains a notable player in the electric vehicle market, attracting enthusiasts and collectors alike.

GM’s decision to cancel the EV2 model may be a strategic move to focus on the Hummer EV’s higher-end trims, potentially targeting a more dedicated audience and increasing sales in the competitive EV market.