Imperial, California, to Install EV Charging Station at Transit Center


The city of Imperial, California, plans to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at the Imperial Transit Center, located at Barioni and M Street. The Imperial City Council approved a request from the Community Development Department to sign a resolution for funding through the Carbon Reduction Program (CRP). If successful, the city will allocate federal, state, and CRP funds to purchase and install the EV charging station.

The strategic location allows consumers to visit nearby businesses and restaurants while their vehicles charge. The project is divided into three phases, with a total estimated cost of more than $1 million. Imperial County Transportation Commission and Southern California Association of Governments received the application for funding.

To secure the 311,000 request, the city will use funds from Local Transportation Authority Measure D to match federal funds, amounting to 11.47% or 41,000. The total expenditure will be $352,000. This initiative aims to promote EV adoption and support the city’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions .

The completion of the EV charging station project will further establish Imperial, California, as an eco-friendly community, attracting EV drivers and promoting sustainable transportation options in USA.