Daimler’s Electric eM2 Trucks Make Their Debut.


Daimler’s first two eM2 electric box trucks have officially hit the road, marking a significant milestone in the deployment of electric commercial vehicles. These eM2 trucks are part of Daimler’s efforts to introduce sustainable transportation solutions, offering features like whisper-quiet operation, zero emissions, smooth rides, impressive acceleration, and exceptional hauling performance. The eM2 trucks are designed to provide improved torque and acceleration, reduced noise and vibration, no diesel fumes, ease of use with regenerative braking, stable turning, low center of gravity, reduced driver fatigue, and a cleaner working environment. This development aligns with Daimler’s commitment to advancing electric mobility and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

Range and Power: Daimler’s eM2 Electric Box Trucks

The eM2 trucks come in different models with varying battery capacities, offering ranges of up to 180 miles for Class 6 and 250 miles for Class 7. They provide up to 255 continuous horsepower with a 291 kWh battery, while traditional diesel trucks rely on internal combustion engines for power.

Performance and Maintenance: Daimler’s eM2 Electric Box Trucks

The eM2 trucks provide whisper-quiet operation, improved torque, and acceleration, offering a smooth ride with impressive acceleration. They also feature regenerative braking for energy optimization and stable turning with a low center of gravity. In contrast, traditional diesel trucks are noisier, produce vibrations, and have slower acceleration. The eM2 trucks require less maintenance due to the absence of complex internal combustion engines, resulting in reduced downtime and operational costs. They also offer features like real-time monitoring of battery health and energy usage for efficient route planning. In contrast, traditional diesel trucks have more mechanical components that require regular maintenance and servicing.

Daimler started producing electric trucks in the fall of 2023, specifically manufacturing its flagship medium-duty electric truck, the Freightliner eM2, at its plant in Portland, Oregon. Daimler has produced 2,000 Class 8 battery-electric trucks as of the previous year, as reported by FreightWaves.