Volkswagen’s New Lease Deal: Attractive Discount of $13,000 Off 2023 ID.4


Volkswagen is currently offering up to $13,000 off the 2023 ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus in a new lease deal, providing significant savings for well-qualified customers interested in leasing this electric vehicle model. This offer presents an attractive opportunity for individuals looking to lease the 2023 ID.4, with the potential for substantial savings and incentives to make the leasing process more appealing.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Volkswagen id.4 lease deal?

The eligibility requirements for the Volkswagen ID.4 lease deal include the following criteria:

  • Individuals residing in the United States who are at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Businesses or corporate entities can participate if they can validate ownership or employment by the relevant business or corporate entity upon request.
  • Vehicles must be purchased from and delivered through an authorized, participating Volkswagen Dealer in the United States.
  • A maximum of 5 reservations per household is permitted.
  • Employees of Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., its affiliates, and its dealers, along with their respective family members, are prohibited from placing reservations to prevent inventory inflation or price manipulation

What is the duration of the Volkswagen ID.4 lease deal?

The duration of the Volkswagen ID.4 lease deal typically lasts for 36 months, as indicated by the lease terms offered Northampton Volkswagen. This standard lease duration allows customers to enjoy the benefits of leasing the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 for a period of three years before considering other options or renewing the lease agreement.

What is the total cost of leasing a Volkswagen ID.4 for 36 months?

The Volkswagen ID.4 lease deals vary across different locations and dealerships. In Santa Monica, CA, you can lease a Volkswagen ID.4 for $379 per month for 36 months with $3,579 due at signing. On the other hand, in New York, NY, lease prices start at about $563 and go up to $593 for the same vehicle. Additionally, in Texas, a deal was signed for a 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro at $335 per month with $0 due at signing. TrueCar reports that the average lease payment for the Volkswagen ID.4 is around $303 per month with $2,000 due at signing for a 36-month term with a 12,000 annual mileage limit. These prices can vary based on factors like location, trim level, options, down payment, and credit rating.

What is the interest rate for the Volkswagen ID.4 lease deal?

The interest rate for the Volkswagen ID.4 lease deal is typically represented by a money factor. In the provided sources, the money factor for the lease deal ranges from .004 to .005, which can be converted into an interest rate by multiplying it by 2,400. For example, a money factor of .005 translates to an interest rate of 12 percent, while a money factor of .004 translates to an interest rate of 9.6 percent. This interest rate is a crucial factor in determining the overall cost of leasing the Volkswagen ID.4 and should be carefully considered when evaluating lease offers.