Cybertruck Owner Resolves Intermittent Tonneau Cover Issue Through Calibration


Notable Cybertruck owner Ethan (@EZebroni) recently shared his experience with an intermittent tonneau cover malfunction. Over the past month, Ethan had noticed his Cybertruck’s tonneau cover would occasionally fail to fully close.

However, a few days ago, Ethan reported that an alert popped up on his vehicle’s screen. After performing the recommended calibration, he has not seen the issue reoccur. This suggests that Ethan was able to successfully resolve the intermittent tonneau cover problem through a simple calibration process.

The Cybertruck’s tonneau cover has been a point of discussion among owners, with some reporting issues with the cover not fully covering the rear window when closed. Ethan’s experience demonstrates that Tesla has provided a means for owners to address such problems through software-based calibration.

Tonneau Cover Range Impact

Recent tests have revealed that the Cybertruck’s range is significantly influenced by the position of its tonneau cover. Closing the cover can extend the range by approximately 25 miles, while leaving it open results in a decrease of around 10% in range.

Tonneau Cover Design Concerns

One notable design flaw of the Cybertruck’s tonneau cover is its failure to fully cover the rear window when closed. This has prompted discussions among owners about the potential addition of a sliding rear window option to enhance functionality and privacy.

Accelerator Pedal Recall

Tesla has initiated a recall affecting 3,878 Cybertrucks due to an accelerator pedal issue. The recall addresses concerns that the pedal cover may dislodge during operation, potentially leading to pedal entrapment or hindering full brake actuation. Tesla is actively replacing or reworking the accelerator pedal assembly to rectify this safety concern.

Other Reported Challenges

Early adopters of the Cybertruck have reported various issues, including signs of rust on the stainless steel body, inconsistencies in panel gaps and sharp edges, as well as instances of deliveries missing the aero wheel covers. These concerns have highlighted the need for ongoing quality control and refinement in the manufacturing process.