Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest purchased $35 million of Tesla stock despite the recent slump


Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest recently purchased $35 million worth of Tesla stock, demonstrating a significant investment in the electric vehicle giant despite its recent decline in the market. This move underscores Cathie Wood’s confidence in Tesla’s long-term value and leadership in the electric vehicle market, despite challenges faced by the company and fluctuations in its stock performance.

Cathie Wood’s confidence in Tesla stems from her belief in Elon Musk as a visionary leader capable of driving Tesla’s success. Wood views Musk as a “renaissance man” and “the inventor of our age,” highlighting his track record of founding successful tech companies like Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and xAI. She admires Musk’s ability to tackle challenges creatively and sees his determination and technological brilliance as key factors that will lead Tesla to success.

Wood’s confidence in Tesla is closely tied to her trust in Musk’s innovative approach and problem-solving skills, which she believes will drive the company forward, particularly in areas like full-self-driving capability and the potential for Tesla to lead in the autonomous ride-hailing market.

The current value of Tesla’s stock is $162.50, with a change of -4.12%. The highest value Tesla’s stock has reached was $409.97 on November 4, 2021. Several factors contributed to Tesla’s stock reaching its highest value, including strong financial performance, revenue growth, product innovation, technological advancements, and Elon Musk’s leadership. Additionally, Tesla’s success in expanding into new markets, like China and Europe, played a role in boosting investor confidence and driving the stock price to record levels.

Tesla’s financial performance in recent years has been robust, with significant revenue growth driven by increased vehicle deliveries and expansion into new markets. In 2020, Tesla reported total revenue of $31.5 billion, a 27% increase compared to the previous year, fueled by a record number of vehicle deliveries. The company’s revenue growth has been further supported by its success in international markets like China, where revenue increased by 124% in 2020. Despite positive net income in recent quarters, Tesla’s profitability has been influenced by factors like regulatory credits and the sale of Bitcoin, requiring investors to carefully evaluate the company’s financials for a comprehensive understanding of its financial performance.