WAVE Charging Integrates High-Power Wireless Charging into Kenworth Class 6 Trucks



In an industry-first achievement, WAVE Charging, a subsidiary of Ideanomics, has successfully integrated high-power wireless charging technology into Kenworth’s Class 6 electric trucks, the K270E and K370E models, in collaboration with Kenworth, Dana Inc., and Inland Kenworth. This six-month engineering effort marks the first OEM-approved high-power wireless charging integration of its kind.

Real-world Integration and Strategic Advantage

WAVE Charging’s OEM-approved wireless charging offers several benefits for the industry and businesses:

1. Real-world Integration: The wireless charging integration is already in use with a major logistics customer in a commercial proof-of-concept project, demonstrating its practicality and effectiveness in real-world applications.
2. Strategic Advantage: At scale, Kenworth and its dealers can differentiate themselves in the market by promoting trucks as “wireless-charging ready,” creating a unique selling point for customers interested in cutting-edge and convenient charging solutions and perpetual vehicle operations.
3. Warranty Assurance: Unlike non-approved aftermarket additions that risk voiding warranties, WAVE Charging’s integration is approved by both the OEM, Kenworth, and their systems provider, Dana. This ensures that customers can benefit from wireless charging without potentially compromising the warranty on their vehicles.
4. Factory Installation: The integration opens the door for Kenworth to offer wireless charging as a factory option for their trucks, revolutionizing how electric trucks are configured and ordered.

Industry Impact and Future Potential

This milestone achievement solidifies WAVE Charging’s position as market leaders and sets a new standard for the industry. Robin Mackie, Chief Operating Officer of Ideanomics, expressed his excitement about the possibilities this opens up for OEMs, dealers, and logistics companies seeking cutting-edge solutions.

Integration of high-power wireless charging technology into Class 6 electric trucks is a significant step forward in the commercial EV landscape. The collaboration between OEMs, technology providers, and charging infrastructure companies continues to drive innovation and shape the future of electric mobility. WAVE Charging’s groundbreaking achievement provides a strategic advantage and a more sustainable and convenient charging solution for commercial electric vehicles.