Toyota Prepares to Launch All-New Electric Highlander SUV in the US


In a major push towards electrification, Toyota is gearing up to introduce a brand-new, fully electric version of its popular Highlander three-row SUV in the United States. The Japanese automaker has announced a $1.4 billion investment in its Indiana manufacturing facility, where the upcoming electric Highlander will be assembled.

The investment in Toyota’s Princeton, Indiana plant is part of the company’s broader $18.6 billion commitment to its U.S. operations since 2021. This facility currently produces the Highlander, Grand Highlander, Sienna minivan, and Lexus TX models.

According to David Christ, General Manager of Toyota’s U.S. division, the company is planning to bring a fully electric Highlander SUV to market. This new electric model will be a separate, larger offering from the previously announced three-row electric SUV slated for production at Toyota’s Kentucky plant.

The decision to build the electric Highlander in Indiana aligns with the strong demand for the gasoline-powered Highlander and Grand Highlander models in the U.S. market. In the first three months of 2024 alone, Toyota sold over 32,000 Highlanders and 25,136 Grand Highlanders nationwide.Unlike the skateboard-style EV platforms used by many automakers, the electric Highlander is expected to feature a “chassis-based” design.

This approach could provide the large SUV with unique capabilities and characteristics compared to other electric three-row vehicles. The $1.4 billion investment in the Indiana facility will enable Toyota to prepare for the production of this highly anticipated all-electric Highlander. As the automaker continues to expand its electrified lineup, this new model is poised to offer customers a zero-emission, family-friendly SUV option with the versatility and capabilities of the beloved Highlander nameplate.