Tesla to Unveil Robotaxi on August 8th, Amidst Small EV Controversy and Sales Misses


Tesla has recently unveiled its plans to present a new addition to its lineup on August 8th, a robotaxi, during a period of controversy surrounding the company’s small electric vehicle ambitions in the USA.

The announcement comes amidst rumors about the cancellation of a long-anticipated, low-cost Tesla small EV, which was expected to retail at around $25,000. Despite recent sales shortcomings, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk remains steadfast in driving the robotaxi project forward, which is believed to be based on the design of a long-awaited, affordable Tesla runabout.

The development of the robotaxi has been marked by internal tensions between Tesla’s engineers and Musk, as the CEO envisions a control-free, AI-powered vehicle. This new vehicle aims to add a fresh dimension to the electric vehicle market and Musk’s innovative endeavors.

The design of this groundbreaking vehicle assumes a key role in the ongoing competition among automakers. Meanwhile, Tesla faces challenges on multiple fronts, as it strives to maintain its competitive edge while navigating through controversies and sales setbacks.