Tesla Cybertruck: Real-World Issues and Concerns

Tesla's Cybertruck
Tesla's Cybertruck

In a recent video, YouTuber @Ryan Shaw shares real-world issues and concerns with Tesla’s cyber truck.

The Cybertruck has been turning heads since its release a few months ago. Tesla has created something special, a unique and innovative vehicle with a bold design. However, like any new product launch, it has faced some challenges. Let’s break down the main issues reported by Cybertruck owners:


The Cybertruck was initially announced with a 500-mile range option, which has not yet been delivered. The currently available max range is 340 miles for all-wheel drive. Real-world tests have shown lower ranges, especially during high-speed driving and cold weather conditions.

Towing capacity:

The Cybertruck’s impressive 11,000 lb towing capacity faces challenges in real-world testing, particularly in terms of range when towing at maximum capacity. Cold weather and aggressive driving styles can further reduce the range.

Range extender:

An upcoming range extender battery is planned to increase the max range up to 470 miles; however, it will take up approximately one-third of the truck’s bed and cost around $116,000 to purchase and install.

Off-roading capability:

Some customers have reported issues with the Cybertruck’s actual off-roading capabilities, despite its rugged design.

Build quality:

There have been reports of misaligned panels and poor quality control, which Tesla aims to address by emphasizing the necessity of a perfect fit for this unique vehicle.

Exterior maintenance:

The unfinished, unpainted stainless steel exterior requires more care than traditional truck exteriors, as corrosive substances can damage the body directly.

Resale restrictions:

Tesla has included a clause in the purchase agreement for the Cybertruck that allows them to sue owners for up to $50,000 if they try to sell their car during the first year of ownership.

Despite these challenges, the Cybertruck has received positive feedback from owners who appreciate its groundbreaking features. Tesla’s innovative approach, including steer-by-wire control and an 800-volt architecture, has left a positive impression. While launch issues are expected with such a radically innovative product, it’s hoped that Tesla will address these concerns and ensure a successful future for the Cybertruck.