Real-time battery information for electric vehicles now available in Google Maps


Google Maps introduces real-time battery information for electric cars

Google Maps has integrated real-time battery information for electric vehicles, enhancing the driving experience and making it easier to manage energy use. This initial rollout began with the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

Improved driving experience for electric vehicles:

The integration of real-time battery information in Google Maps will help electric vehicle (EV) drivers by providing the estimated battery level at the destination, suggesting charging stops along the route, and estimating the required charging time based on the specific vehicle.

Streamlined trip planning:

Google Maps users can now easily send planned trips from their Android or iOS devices directly to their car. The update simplifies the transition from trip planning to navigation, making the entire driving experience more enjoyable.

Expanding compatibility:

The real-time battery information feature is currently available in the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, with plans to expand its compatibility to other electric vehicle brands in the future.

Google’s commitment to electric vehicle innovation

Google is dedicated to enhancing navigation and energy management for electric vehicle drivers. By incorporating real-time battery information into Google Maps and offering easy trip planning, Google continues to lead the way in electric vehicle technology and convenience.

Additional features in Google Maps:

Google Maps includes several other helpful features for EV drivers, such as:

  • Charging stop suggestions along the route
  • Estimated charging time based on vehicle and charger type
  • Integration with charging networks for efficient energy management

Partnerships and growth

Google is continually partnering with automakers and charging networks to bring new features and tools to electric vehicle drivers. As the industry expands, Google Maps will remain a key resource for managing electric vehicle trips and energy efficiency.

Additional updates:

Google also introduced new apps for cars with Google built-in and expanded digital car key functionality at CES 2024, showcasing the company’s dedication to driving innovation in the electric vehicle market.