Nio’s Onvo L60 Leaked: A Tesla Model Y Competitor from China


Chinese electric vehicle (EV) giant Nio has its sights set on the Tesla Model Y with the leaked reveal of their new Onvo L60 coupe-SUV. Here’s a breakdown of the news:

  • The Model: The Onvo L60 is the first electric vehicle under Nio’s new budget-focused brand, codenamed Alps.
  • The Leak: Spy shots captured the Onvo L60 undisguised in China, revealing a sleek coupe-SUV design with an N-shaped logo and “ONVO” lettering.
  • The Competition: Industry insiders believe the L60 is Nio’s direct competitor to the popular Tesla Model Y. Previous announcements from Nio suggest the Onvo will be 10% cheaper than the Model Y and might include additional comfort features.
  • The Platform: The L60 is built on Nio’s new NT3 platform and will feature their signature battery swapping technology for convenient charging.

What We Don’t Know Yet:

  • Official Reveal: Nio hasn’t officially confirmed the name of the Alps brand or the Onvo L60.
  • Specs and Features: Details on battery range, performance figures, and specific comfort features are yet to be revealed by Nio.

What This Means:

The Onvo L60 leak suggests Nio is looking to capture market share in the fast-growing electric SUV segment. With a potentially lower price point and additional features compared to the Model Y, the L60 could be a compelling option for budget-minded EV buyers in China.

Possible Release Date:

While there’s no confirmation, rumors suggest the Onvo L60 could be launched in China sometime this year, possibly in the latter half. This would position it directly against the best-selling Tesla Model Y in the world’s largest electric vehicle market.

Comfort Feature Speculations:

Earlier announcements by Nio’s CEO, William Li, hinted that the Alps brand vehicles, which include the L60, might offer “additional comforts” compared to the Model Y. Speculations include features like:

  • Refrigerator: A built-in refrigerator for keeping drinks and snacks cool on long journeys.
  • TV: A rear-seat entertainment system with a TV for passengers.
  • Large Sofas: More spacious and comfortable seating compared to the Model Y.

Battery Swapping Technology:

The L6 Nio is expected to inherit Nio’s signature battery swapping technology, allowing for quick and convenient “refueling” at Nio’s network of charging stations. This could be a significant advantage, especially for users who don’t have access to home charging or prefer faster charging solutions.

Possible Price Range:

Previous statements from Nio suggested the Alps brand vehicles, including the L60, would be around 10% cheaper than the Tesla Model Y. While the exact price remains unknown, this could position the L60 as a more affordable option in the competitive electric SUV segment.

Unveiling the Mystery:

The official reveal of the Onvo L60, along with confirmation of its specifications, features, and price, is highly anticipated. This will provide a clearer picture of how it stacks up against the Tesla Model Y and its potential impact on the Chinese EV market.

Here are some additional things to keep an eye on:

  • Official announcement from Nio: This will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Onvo L60.
  • Reviews from automotive journalists: Once the L60 is available for testing, reviews can offer valuable insights into its performance, comfort, and overall driving experience.
  • Consumer reception: How the L60 is received by potential buyers in China will be a key indicator of its success.

Stay Tuned:

We can expect more information from Nio regarding the Onvo L60 and the Alps brand in the coming weeks or months. This leak has certainly piqued the interest of EV enthusiasts, and it will be interesting to see how the L60 stacks up against the Tesla Model Y when official details are revealed.