Let’s Bring Tesla To India- A Letter to Elon Musk from Bharat

Lets Bring Tesla To India- A Letter to Elon Musk from Bharat

Namaste Elon Musk,

I extend warm regards from Bharat, India.

I’m excited to share that Tesla has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing sales of over 5 million units globally. While the United States continues to be a crucial market for Tesla, we’re witnessing rapid growth in China, and sales in Europe are soaring.

Expanding into new markets was undoubtedly a challenging decision, but it’s proving to be immensely rewarding now.

Tesla has demonstrated its ability to thrive in unconventional environments, a fact that requires no introduction as traditional automakers are keenly aware of its capabilities.

Here in Bharat, India, we’ve seen significant growth of 8.4% this year under the leadership of Modi Ji. The startup ecosystem in India, along with the environment for established brands, has never been more conducive for growth and innovation.

Bharat is witnessing excellent growth in electric vehicles, especially in the eTwo-wheelers and eThree-wheelers segments, where we are already the leaders. The enthusiasm for EVs is palpable.

However, due to the lack of charging infrastructure, our progress hasn’t met expectations. Yet, with Ratan Tata Ji’s fervor as an entrepreneur pushing for electric cars and infrastructure, the prospects are promising.

If Tesla were to introduce EVs and EV charging infrastructure, enthusiasts here would warmly welcome it.

I propose considering starting this initiative in the state of Gujarat, where millions of barrels of petrol and diesel are transported to the rest of the country and polluting our air.

Moreover, I suggest collaborating with Gautam Adani Ji, who is already inspiring India and working extensively in green energy. Leveraging his infrastructure for EV charging stations and transportation would not only be advantageous but also send a message of friendship to the people of our country.

As someone deeply rooted in Bharat, I can assure you that the craze for Tesla is already here. How long do you plan to keep us waiting?

Warm regards,

Abhinav Sharma

Founder EVehicle.com