Electra celebrates surpassing 2,000 pre-orders for its electric short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft, valued at over $8 billion


Electra’s order book surpasses 2,000 electric short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft with a market value of over $8 billion.

New partnerships with JetSetGo-India, LYGG-Finland, and Charm Aviation-New York City highlight the strong interest from a diverse range of flight operators.

The nine-seat plane will have a cruising speed of around 200 mph (322 km/h) and a range of 500 miles (805 km).

The aircraft will feature eight electric props along the leading edge of the wings and large flaps on the trailing edges for “blown lift” aerodynamics.

The STOL can take off at just 35 mph (56 km/h) and accelerate quickly, allowing it to use airfields as small as 300 x 100 ft (92 x 31 m).

The eSTOL functions similarly to traditional planes, which should make the certification and commercial deployment process smoother.

Electra is developing a hybrid eSTOL aircraft for rapid, safe, and affordable transportation of passengers and cargo within urban and regional networks.

The eSTOL aircraft can take off and land in small spaces, require no charging infrastructure and have a cruising speed of 175 knots with in-flight battery recharging.

The aircraft is designed to accommodate up to nine passengers or 2500 pounds of cargo, covering distances up to 500 miles in all weather conditions.

Electra successfully flew a two-seat prototype in November and plans to fly a full-scale nine-seat prototype in 2026, with entry into service scheduled for 2028.