Breaking News: Tesla Motors Upgrades Sport Seats in Model S and Model S Plaid

Breaking News: Tesla Motors Upgrades Sport Seats in Model S and Model S Plaid

Tesla Motors Enhances Sport Seats for Model S and Model S Plaid

Tesla Motors has introduced upgraded Sport Seats for the Model S and Model S Plaid, aimed at enhancing driver comfort and support during high-performance driving experiences.

Improved Lateral Support and Grip

The new Sport Seats feature increased lateral support to provide better stability and grip for drivers, particularly during aggressive cornering maneuvers. This enhancement aims to address feedback regarding the lack of side support in the previous seat design.

Key Features of the Upgraded Sport Seats

  • Modular seat architecture for comfort and 12-way power adjustability
  • Heating and ventilation options for personalized comfort
  • High-performance suede material for improved grip and reduced weight

Response to Feedback

The decision to upgrade the Sport Seats comes after notable automotive reviewer Rory Reid highlighted the need for improved side support while test driving the Model S Plaid Track Pack. Tesla’s response demonstrates their commitment to refining and enhancing the driving experience for their customers.

Standard Equipment on New Model S Plaid Vehicles

The new Sport Seats are now standard equipment on all Model S Plaid vehicles manufactured since April 2024. These seats are designed to complement the high-performance capabilities of the Model S Plaid, offering drivers a more secure and comfortable driving experience.

Enhancing Performance and Comfort

By focusing on improving lateral support and grip, Tesla aims to make the Model S and Model S Plaid even more enjoyable to drive, especially in demanding driving conditions such as on the track. The upgraded Sport Seats are expected to enhance driver confidence and overall driving dynamics of these electric supercars.