24M’s Breakthrough: The 1000 Mile Battery on the Horizon

24 M
  • 24M revolutionizes battery manufacturing with the 24M SemiSolid™ platform, which uses semi-solid electrodes and direct integration into battery packs.
  • The ETOP™ system optimizes energy density in electric vehicles and energy storage, eliminating separate cells and modules.
  • Eternalyte™ is a groundbreaking liquid electrolyte that prevents dendrite formation, extends battery lifespan, and enables fast charging.
  • Early tests of Eternalyte™-enabled batteries show 83% capacity retention over 500 cycles and 1000+ miles per charge potential.
  • 24M’s advancements in battery technology could lead to a more sustainable future by alleviating range anxiety and promoting electric vehicles.

24M pushes the boundaries of battery technology for a greener, more sustainable future.

In the relentless pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, 24M emerges as a beacon of innovation with their groundbreaking advancements in battery technology. Founded in 2010, the company set forth with a bold mission: to expedite the transition to a sustainable future through the development of affordable, high-performance batteries. This vision was fueled by an acute awareness of the pressing need to combat climate change and foster cleaner energy alternatives.

Central to 24M’s approach is their revolutionary battery manufacturing process and platform known as 24M SemiSolid™. This pioneering technology employs a semi-solid electrode approach, which integrates electrodes directly into the battery pack, eliminating the necessity for separate modules and streamlining the production process. The result? Cost savings, increased energy density, and enhanced thermal management capabilities.

Having shipped its inaugural batteries to commercial clients in 2019, 24M swiftly gained traction in the industry, marking a significant milestone in their mission. However, their journey towards innovation did not cease there. The unveiling of the ETOP™ system at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show heralded a new era in battery design. This system, which integrates electrodes directly into the pack, bypasses individual cells and modules, thereby optimizing energy density and unlocking a plethora of benefits for electric vehicles and energy storage systems alike.

Credit : 24M

One of the most promising developments within 24M’s arsenal is the Eternalyte™, a transformative liquid electrolyte designed to safeguard lithium-metal batteries against the formation of destructive dendrites. Not only does Eternalyte™ extend the lifespan of batteries through countless charging cycles, but it also facilitates faster charging, thereby harnessing the full potential of lithium-metal technology.

Early tests of Eternalyte™ have yielded remarkable results, with over 500 cycles and 83% capacity retention, enabling a staggering 1000+ miles per charge. While specific unit cell density figures remain undisclosed, the pack level density is expected to far surpass that of current Li-ion batteries, thanks to the elimination of unnecessary materials and modules.

The implications of 24M’s technological innovations are profound. With the potential to alleviate range anxiety and accelerate the transition to all-electric vehicles, their advancements hold immense promise for a greener, more sustainable future. However, extensive testing in diverse environmental conditions and real-world scenarios remains imperative to validate the performance and cost-effectiveness of these solutions.

As the world eagerly anticipates the dawn of the 1000-mile battery era, 24M stands at the forefront of this transformative journey, poised to revolutionize the way we power our vehicles and homes. With their unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, the future indeed looks brighter with 24M leading the charge.